$BELY Whitepaper


1- $BELY is a social currency (cryptocurrency) built on Binance Blockchain, and a community driven economy. Its social objective is to facilitate and pump investments through Smart Contracts, helping to improve people’s economy in a fair way, without the need for investment experience, just with three simple steps: Buy + Hold = Profit. BELY is the ´´Fuel´´ needed to put these passive income systems backed by locked assets (DeFi) to work, earning incredible commissions automatically, securely and stable. Owning BELY is similar to owning shares of the company: you will have a voice and vote in the decisions of improvements or changes that we make.

2- Only a maximum of $ 1Billion BELY will be created, which means that each coin you have in Hold will be of great value in the long term when demand begins to show bullish effects.

3- $BELY is backed by a Crypto Mining Farm where most of the assets come from. $ BELY also has strategies to increase support items without consuming a single currency, the executives created an investment fund, which is used to maintain a flow of new tangible and non-tangible acquisitions and in turn these are sold to generate more cash to reinvest and obtain valuable assets to offer to the ´´Hold Members´´ as an exclusive access for participation, and to the rest of the community depending on how much they have in ´´Hold´´ (Each program has different rewards).

4- $BELY is on its way to becoming a DAO, establishing an internal economy where participants and investors earn passive and active participation earnings, which they can reinvest, use to buy, or even lend in exchange for interest. This concept of economy is called: Tokenomics. Most important to the project is the growth of the community, the growth of $ BELY as a brand and the growth of use cases of $BELY.

5- All income potentially derived from the $BELY project will be directly reinvested in the accumulation of most valuable assets to drive capital and community participation and ongoing rewards issued.

6- $BELY will create a virtuous circle of appreciation through the healing, expansion and management of your underlying tangible and intangible assets.

7- $BELY is made up of different phases that will complement the future of the entire company and the community. 

– Mining Farm 

– Development and Pre-Launch of the $ BELY Token 

– Pool, Rewards and Role Plans 

– Association with Exchanges 

– Integration of cases of use for $BELY

– Birth as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)


Pool and BELY mining:

BELY founders and developers will make the first deposit by blocking the tokens in the ´´Pool´´ creating the first investment and establishing the programmed initial price. Then a communication will be made to start the Liquidity Mining program. The liquidity providers will mine the BELY token in addition to the LP Token provided by the ´´Pool´´ which means that the BELY token will be mined providing liquidity.

All the BELY miners will receive a monthly rewards paid in BELY tokens directly on their wallets. 

Mining Farm:

The mining farm was created to support the first phases of  the project financing the expenses and increasing the core team.

Reward Programs:

For the distribution of rewards we created different programs, for which 50 thousand BELY will be distributed monthly (this amount may vary as the community grows, it is subject to voting). If a part of the monthly budget remains unused, this part will be accumulated to distribute in BONUS in surprise events, community activities and participation in challenges. The programs are as follows:
1- Liquidity Providers
2- Investments in Rewards Plans.
3- Token Holders
4- Community roles
5- Hold to Play
6- Advertisers & Content Creators (Details of each program will be available in the groups and pages of BELY at the time of the initiation of each one)
7- Jack Pot Pool

BELY Tokens Distribution:

– 480 million destined to the community, will be reserved only for profits acquired in the programs, that is, they could only be acquired by participating in the programs mentioned above.

– 100 Million to finance improvements and new projects of the company.

– 100 Million will be reserved for liquidity support

– 50 Million will be reserved for collaborations and connections with other partners.

– 200 Million will be allocated to salaries of workers, founders and contracted services.

– 50 Million will be allocated for marketing.

– 20 Millions for BELY pre-sale. ( Unsold tokens will be included on the community balance )

BELY HoldersRights:

Everyone is entitled to earn $ BELY as long as they have a minimum amount in their possession. There are several ways you can become a ´´Holder´´ member and earn passive income just for being a member:
1. Participate in BELY community events.
2. Receive from BELY Air Drop.
3. Charging for services from your business or selling products and charging in $ BELY.
4. Become part of Team $ BELY and earn a salary or payment for services rendered.
5. Acquire BELY through a centralized and decentralized exchange where it is indicated as well as public or private sales. (Purchase offers in discounts)
6. By participating in phase Zero, you acquire a profit plan and receive Bonuses.
7. Promote BELY and you will participate in the promoter raffle.


BELY Holder Benefits :

BELY being a cryptocurrency created in the Binance network, it has the valuable characteristic of increasing its value in sync with Binance Coin in addition to the supply / demand it has in the market, that is, even without doing anything it can increase its value of market.

– Being a BELY Holder, you have the right to participate in the voting for new changes in the system, as well as obtain a Role within the community depending on the amount you have. The different roles are paid monthly, as well as the bonuses that are awarded in proportion to the percentage of  BELY sustained in the long term.
– To keep a count of participation and commitment, which allows us to know who really participates and meets the requirements, we created a system called Participation Farms. This system will automatically grant the earnings to each member each month, and they can exchange their earnings for ETH and sell it for dollars or save it, it is their choice.
– You can have access to products, services and much more exclusively and cheaper than the rest of the market, paying a more comfortable price using your BELY or the monthly earnings we give you, thus saving more money than you could in the currency traditional.
– You will enter exclusive programs and premium access for members, such as future projects that are to be developed: NFT Marketplace, Bely Exchange, video game integrations, Casino and others.
– Access to business conferences, entrepreneur talks, free courses, BELY Casino etc.
– Access to the BELY ´´Treasure´´, where exclusive products are auctioned and sold at exclusive prices.

The Treasure:

BELY acquisitions are called Treasury. These acquisitions will be used to generate more capital and continue acquiring more tangible and intangible assets and increase the portfolio of offers to the community. BELY creates the scope for products that are normally difficult to find, rare or more valuable in the market, making it easier for the community to purchase and consume.


BELY will consist of invoices if required, and a history where the participants in these events will be registered for later benefits.


Governance: Form of government based on the balanced interrelation of the Company, the community and the market to achieve a stable and transparent economic, social and institutional development, taking into account the opinion of all participants. The governance of the BELY community will be managed through the BELY DAO. BELY token holders can STAKING their BELY by Hold-2-Play roles that allow them to participate in a 2-step voting process that covers community, budget and wealth decision-making processes.

Proposals that can be submitted for voting and approval to BELY DAO could include:

1- Changes to the monthly budget allocation allocation.

2- Creation of community events BELY.

3- Changes to existing BELY community events.

4- Sale of tangible assets and NFT in The Treasure for BELY.

5- Purchase of tangible assets and NFT for The Treasure de $ BELY.

6- Collaborations and expansion of BELY as a company.

7- Others.


The Pawnshop

BELY ´´The Pawnshop´´ is a skill that will allow Holders to ask for us in BELY ´´cash´´ giving in exchange NFTs. The market value of these NFTs will be assessed and 60% of the total cost will be loaned to you. You can use the borrowed money in whatever you need, with a maximum period of one year. To get your NFT back, you must return the borrowed money plus a 10% Fee. This 10% will be distributed to the community as follows: 3% for Liquidity Miners, 3% for Stakers, 2% for the top 100 holders and 2% sold in a BNB contract. With this system we maintain a flow of BELYs in the community and we facilitate loans.

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